Solar eclipse 2017. We travel from the Philadelphia area all the way down to Almond North Carolina. Spend some time driving around in the morning looking for the best place to see full totality ended up at a roadside rest/overlook along a mountain ridge, along with other like-minded people who were there to view solar eclipse. We use a H-Alpha Telescope to look at the sun and view the eclipse. Most of the pictures you see of the eclipse were taken from iPhone's and Android's through the telescope viewer. Along with the total eclipse we had drone footage flying overhead while we were in total darkness. Check out the videos which would show our location as well as the full totality and as it gradually moved away. During full totality we had measured the temperature and it dropped significantly check out the pictures, went from 93 deg F to 78 deg F. The one thing that was not caught on video what is during full totality a mist come across the mountain edge and the crickets started chirping as if it were dusk. Just some things videos and pictures can't capture, you just had to be there to experience it. I want to thank a lot of the people at this rest/overlook who contributed some of the video I want to thank Scott for all the hardware to see the sun through the telescope. Next full solar eclipse over the United States will be April 8, 2024.


Our location was perfect and we had full Totality