Windows Tips and Tricks


Works with Windows 7, 10 and most servers:

  • GodMode: Create a folder on your desktop and rename code list below You can call it GodMode or Master Folder... What this gives you is access to all the system programs to change and work on things in windows.
  • Snipping Tool: Takes screenshots of anything on you desktop. Then you can save it as a JPG or PNG
  • Turn the Web Browser into a Note Pad, past the code below in the address bar of your browser, then just start typing

 data:text/html, <textarea style="font-size: 1.5em; width: 100%; height: 100%; border: none; outline: none" autofocus /> Start Here 

  • Snip and Sketch:  to start Windosw Key + Shift + S This will be replacing the Snipping tool in later versions of Windows 10. This tool allows you to open menus and take a screen shot unlike the snipping tool.
  • Voice dictation:  pressed windows key and H start dictation you need to be an A text field such as a work processor or a field browser.
  • Virtual Desktops - Win 10 now has mutable desktop views ( just like Linux). press Windows key and TAB then click new desktop. switch between the with Windows key and Ctrl and right or left arrow.
  • Magnifier - Use the Windows Key and the + and - keys to magnify the entire desktop.  
  • Quick Assist - to Get Assistance or to Give Assistance - A new feature within win 10 that allows you to share desktops. It give you the asister an access code and  password to allow you access to someone desktop. As a hosts you will need an MS account to complete the connection. It's similar to Teamviewer but through MS
  • Sticky Notes:  Handy desktop tool to jot down a quick not. In windows 10 you have other options to enable "Insights". this adds more functions...
  • Windows Remote Assistance: it works great on the Intranet such as home  to connect two windows machines. you can also use the remote assistance to connect to another persons computer over the internet. Use the wizard to connect. If you do not use this feature you should disable it in your settings menu.
  • Steps Recorder: can record all you steps while you click and type on your system. This could be good for troubleshooting problems or making instructional screenshots on home to do something. 
  • Voice Recorder or Sound recorder: either one may be on your system based on the windows version you are using.
  • MRT: Malicious Removal Tool: you should run this from time-to-time. This will not run automatically unless windows updater is running, so you need to run in manually via the run menu.
  • SyncTool: this is a FREE Microsoft product and is very useful to sync your files with USB hard drive, DropBox, OneDrive, Search for ms synctool and only download it from Microsoft. This is the current link -> Go thought the setup wizard to manage your files. Now you can you Windows Task Scheduler and have it run every hours while your logged into your system. use command below:
[code]cd \Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\
SyncToycmd.exe -R[/code]

  • certUtil: is a Checksum tool, Yes you will need to run this at the CMD window but is worth mentioning here. I wrote a blog on it here...
  • Windows time and alarms: You can set alarms and timers. In addition you can see a world clock and see the difference between several locations.
  • Windows 10 Game Mode: To start press Windows key and G. This will bring up MS game mode which add several features such at game recorder, chat, audio widget. 
  • Ransomware protection: go to Windows Security to virus and protection and scroll down and click ransomware protection. This locks very important files that cannot be accessed  by remote software. If you are using other antivirus protections this feature will no show.
  • Reliability Monitory:  Windows 10 now has a tool that gives widows historical reliability issues. This tool shows errors, warning, and info historically and gives possibly resolutions.