To protect your personal identity you need to wipe your HD clean from all your personal data. Try DBAN, which is a free SSD and hard disk utility that will nuke all your data. Check out the YouTube video below how2 wipe all personal data. So, you can eliminate the virus, or wipe the drive reload your operating system so you can resell your system, or just distroy the HD, so that no one can see what has been saved.

Here is the link to an instructional video on DBAN

 Here is an alternative to deal with your use unwanted hard drive, simply to destroy it. Find a local shredding company, to see if they shred your drive/electronics. This is eco-friendly and it should make you feel better, not even the government can see your data after this destruction. Watch this video just to see how your drive is destroyed, and how they recycle all of the parts. Also look for free community service events. they usually provided by your city, count. These events usually offer dangerous waste collections, shredded of documents and a computer shredding service.

In Kali LINUX you can use a command below:

shred -vfz -n 10 /dev/sda